Friday, July 29, 2011

"Rabbi" Yehuda Levin defines insensitivity

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To summarize; "Rabbi" Yehuda Levin, a "Rov" in Flatbush goes on a rant in which he attributes Leiby Kletsky's murder to the rising gay agenda and the lack of protesting by Frum people. He goes on to suggest that the murderer was probably motivated by a gay desire for the  boy.

I am not going to debate the right and wrongs of gay marriage and/or gay relationships and the Torahs views on these topics. Nor will I debate the preposterous notion that Levin has the right to suggest G-d's motives as well as the killers orientation. That isn't my point. Many people have attacked him for the substance of his message.

What brought me close to tears and pains my heart isn't so much the message more than it is the delivery. "Rabbi" Levin speaks with no sensitivity to his subject. He is out of touch with the pain and inner turmoil that the frum homosexual struggles with. His words are like daggers. I did not hear him once use a sympathetic tone to people who fight and claw in this battle day after day.  

How is it possible that someone in a position of authority and influence can be so out of touch with the Jewish midah of rachmonim, compassion?

Would it have killed him to let me know how sorry he is for my loneliness and pain? It wouldn't have taken away from the message (which I disagree with but again isn't the point). He could have grieved with me and consoled me for my struggle in balancing my relationship with Hashem while trying to understand my innermost and deepest attractions that Hashem doesn't want me to pursue!

Is it possible that rantings like his kills the frum homosexuals spirit? Is it possible that he risks through his condemnation that kids not understand how to deal with homosexual feelings will go off the derech and even worse possibly take their own lives.

Is it possible that the Gedolim that recently have passed away and Leiby Keletzky and other challenges facing Jewry can be attributed to weaknesses of our Rabbanim and leaders? Are the Rabbanim sensitive enough to this generations challenges? Is a lack of sensitivity figuratively (and maybe literally) killing our children in a similar way to Leibys murder?

Who will "Rabbi" Levin blame Rabbi Abuchatzeira's murder on? Did he also die because of the homosexual agenda? 

I am so sickened by him and his rantings and the holy people's teachings he attributes his corrupt and insensitive views to (Namely R' Avigdor Miller). What he doesnt get is that Rabbi Miller exuded love. There is no love in Mr. Levin's teachings. His rantings are callous and cold or "kar" like amalek (which he loves labeling us as).

In my humble opinion someone needs to send this Dahan fellow on a visit to Yehuda Levin. Don't try telling me I am overdoing it by wishing on him the worst. I'll answer you by telling you to visit the funeral of the poor confused teenager that takes his own life after hearing these rantings. 

Hashem should show us the way and bring Mashiach very soon.

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