Saturday, July 27, 2013

A poem for a friend

Delicate as a shadow
As darkness hangs over you
You yearn for light
To outline your frame

At times you seem happy
Staying busy is your drug
You sometimes touch your sadness,
Then conceal it in your soul

A conversation ensues
Your beautiful heart starts to reveal
You describe your struggles pragmatically
Bending but never a break

You withhold tears of substance
You suppress years of hurt
Injustice has hardened you
A cage of mirrors surround you.

You only need one friend
To take an X-ray of your soul
A heart that sees right through you
And shares the burden that you hold

The friend doesn't say I'm sorry
You are tired of compassion
He wants the gates of tears to open
From the angelic face you own

“Cry my dear cry”
He begs for you to submit
"Take advantage of my shoulder
Leave your iron will for others"

Rely on he who loves you
It is for him that you are not alone
He yearns for your tear upon his finger
It would be worth more to him than gold. 

‘Today’ is a crucial word
for we never know tomorrow
Life is but a shadow