Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick comment on the OU response to Obama

The OU response to the presidents statement on same sex marriage is here

And I quote "Jewish law is unequivocal in opposing same sex relationships.".

Again, distorting the truth. The Torah has nothing to say about "same sex relationships"

Please don't tell me that it is obvious they meant having intercourse because; one, it isn't obvious; and two, when you say something in the name of the Torah, it ought to be accurate. Every word is critical.


  1. That's true... haven't thought of it that way. They should be held responsible for their wording.

  2. Dr Bill (William) Wedin has a lot of experience working with men/couples who are in your situation. Have you heard of him? You can find articles online. Not sure if he is still working but he was helpful to my husband and me.