Thursday, May 30, 2013

Needing a break from giving....

My entire life I have always been taking care of everyone else. Be it family, friends, clients and community organizations. Both financially and with my time and energy. I rarely ever have the opportunity to attend to my own needs.

This unfortunately many times leads to people taking advantage of me in various ways. Even people closest to me. It hurts because I simply have a hard time saying no. People know that and use it against me. It is exhausting and ends up with regret which consumes my mind.

Outside of very few people who have helped me out in ancillary ways; for the first time in my life it would be nice if someone actually took care of me. If I could be cradled in someone's proverbial arms. If I could show vulnerability and still be loved. If I can cry and be cradled tighter. 

For a change it would be nice to be able to take. There is only so much one can give without being run dry. 

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