Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tears of a clown...

Serenity is all I want, 
Putting up a happy face is what I flaunt.

Kids, money and friends, you say happy I  should be;
Yet that peace of mind you expect, truly escapes me. 

Why am I up at this late hour?
My frame of mind seems genetically sour. 

'The tears of a clown' inside my heart I sing,
I fake a smile as if I were a king. 

I ask myself why so lonely I feel?
When to the world I seem so tangible, so real. 

The answers to these questions I fear;
Will always escape me, as my mind is blurry or so very clear. 

Men from Mars have all the answers, they always come to conclusions;
They propose ideas and have all the solutions. 

I don't care for advice or comments, you are preaching to the choir;
I believe it is unconditional love that I simply desire.

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